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Hair Services

Stardust Beauty Salon offers a complete menu of Haircare Services and our team is trained to personalize the service for each guest. Today's lifestyle can be extremely fast paced and stressful, and we feel it is vital to do more then just have a technical expertise but to also nurture guests emotional well being. It is our goal to make every guest look and feel their best by pampering them from head to toe. The Stardust Team realizes we have the ability to do more than just change your appearance, we feel we can change your life. 

Besides a great looking style, your hair should express who you are and how you live your life! Our stylists take the time to listen to your needs and will create a design especially for you. An essential aspect of our services is to provide you with the knowledge and know how necessary to maintain your beauty and well-being between salon visits. 

Designer Haircuts & Hairstyle Services

Our Designers are some of the finest in the industry. They are trained to ensure our reputation and your satisfaction. We offer you contemporary designer hair cuts, hair styles and hair products

Luxurious shampoo - $5.00**

Haircuts - $28.00-$40.00**

Haircuts (kids under12) - $20.00-$22.00**

Beard Trim - $6.00**

Haircut and Hairstyle - $47.00-$65.00**

Hairstyle - $20.00-$25.00**

Wedding & Updo styles - $60.00**

Braid - $25.00-35.00**

Extension Consultation - $25.00

Wig Consultation - $50.00

Hair Treatments

We professionally condition to achieve

and maintain healthy, shiny hair. 

Color rinse - $5.00**

Light conditioners - $8.00-10.00**

Deep Conditioning Treatment - $20.00**

Hair Color Services

We can help you transform yourself through color. Choose a whole new hair color, refresh, or remove an old one, or add highlights or low lights to frame your face for a distinctive, sexy look. We only use organic, ammonia-free color from Italy to give your hair great luminosity & long-lasting colors with no fading. 

Hair color with Hairstyle - $78.00** and up

(long hair extra)

Highlights with Hairstyle - $78.00** and up

(long hair extra)

Foils - $78.00** and up (depends on the number of colors used)

Corrective color....Please call for a consultation appointment on the effect you want and the cost to achieve rich, shiny, healthy results.

Hair Texture Services

Perms aren't just for people who want tight curls. They are also a great way to add body and texture to fine, limp hair. Or transform yourself with loose, flowing waves or classic corkscrew curls. Our stylists will design your perm to give you the level of curl you desire with the most gentle, conditioning products. 

Perm with Style -  $78.00** and up

Long hair extra - $20.00** (below the shoulders)

Spot perm - $5.00** per rod. 

Hair Relaxer Services

Hair out of control? Trying to tame too much wave or body? We have 4 different types of relaxer- straighter, soft waves, hair tamer, and frizz killer. Consult our stylists for the right relaxer for you. 


Relaxer - From $175.00** and up 

**Fees vary depending on the designer performing the services, hair length, and condition of the hair. Prices subject to change without notice. 

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